Dirrty Glam 2008

What does Skins represents for you?
The Skins project represents a lot of things for me since I worked a lot on it, full time during almost one year and a half. It was an incredible experience and I met great people on the show. I will always remember this life period.

We see a real change for Cassie between the first and the second season. How did you react personally? How did you feel about this change?
Indeed, there is a noticeable difference. In Skins II an other side of Cassie is discovered. We are far away of the nice and sweet girl shown in the first episodes. On the contrary, Cassie appeared dark and bad. It was really great to play the same character while she was facing a lot of changes. I really got lucky, apart from Tony (Nicolas Hoult) and his accident, I personally believe that I played the most extreme character of the show and that made this experience even more exciting.

People say that Cassie is the favorite character of the show, does it surprise you?
I know that a lot of people liked Cassie during the first part of series I but they changed their mind radically with the last episodes and they started to hate her. It is funny, because in a weird way the fact that people dislike Cassie affects me. I put a lot of myself in my character and when people ask me why Cassie is so mean with Jal I can’t help myself but I always try to find her excuses! No, seriously, I don’t think that Cassie is the favorite, it ‘s just that teenagers easily identify with my character. Cassie is a teenage girl alone, with poor self-esteem, and that’s a situation that all young people can understand. I also know that many people find Sydney touching, and him and Cassie have a lot in common; similar personality, with a lack of popularity, the audience preferred these kind of characters compared with the successful one.

Cute, smiling, an angel face, his resemblance with cassie stops here, because if cassie evolve in a trash and whimsical world, Hannah by contrast is basic/pragmatic.
Skins was my first job as an actress and I had not a clue about how to behave towards a camera. It was a huge challenge for us except Nick who had make movies and tv before. It required a lot of work, we had to be on set on time at any hour everyday. It made me grow a lot. One thing was really cool, I mean our social conditions were different and without Skins I know for sure that I couldn’t have met the cast and we would not have become friends. I am really grateful.

Have you got any regrets? if you could, would you change something?
Not really. I was a little embarrassed when I had to play the sex scene. My mother did not see this episode and she was a little disappointed. But apart from this, there is nothing I can possibly regret, it was a fantastic experience and anyway I think that at the age of 18 nothing should be regretted. It’s not worth it.

Skins is now over in UK. Could you give us some information on your career, projects in progress?
I have just finished to play in Fat Face from Polly Stenham. The play was on last year in the Royal Court Theatre, then it was moved in may to the Duke of York. My character was the only one to be reallocated so I arrived in a troop where the members known each other. It was quite tough at the beginning and I had to adapt quickly. Theater was also different from what I had to do in Skins, you have to be more precise, more alert. Still it is definitely a great experience.

In the future?
I am moving to Cambridge in october to go to the university in order to study English. It is the only thing that I am sure of. After, we will see , only time will tell…