Purple – S/S 2009


What’s your full name?
Hannah Murray. I don’t have a middle name.

How old are you?
I’m 19.

What are your parents’ names?
My mum’s name is Rosemary Silvester and my dad’s is Martin Murray.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Bristol, which is a pretty big city in the south west of England. It’s hard to say whether I consider it home or not. I definitely like it there and I miss it a little if I’m away for a really long time. But over the last year I’ve lived in London and I’m also going to university in Cambridge. I think I kind of like not having only one place I feel at home in, and like not having a place that I feel rooted to.

What is your earliest memory?
Being in a car with my parents when I was two years old, driving to a caravan site in France.

How did your parents choose your name?
My parents wanted a Germanic name because my dad used to live in Germany and speaks German. They found out that they both had great-grandmothers called Hannah, so it seemed appropriate. I think one of the names they had in mind was Felix if I was born a boy.

What was the biggest trouble that you got into as a child?
When I was at nursery school – I was probably three years old – a friend of mine and I tried to run away from it. I think we only managed to get down to the corner of the street or something.

What elements of the personality you had as a child are reflected in the personal style you have today?
I think I’m still pretty scruffy and tend to dress down most of the time and prioritise being comfy, like when I was a child. When I was little I was never really the pretty girl or the girly girl and I think that’s reflected in how I don’t feel like I really know how to dress up and be glamorous.

What were your favorite items in your wardrobe?
I had a pretty large collection of T-shirts, of ones I’d gotten as souvenirs from holidays and places I’d been to and ones that my dad brought back from various trips he’d been on. I wore them all the time and I think I liked them because a lot of them had memories attached to them. I also used to have leggings, ones with stripes and polka dots, that were really comfy and fun.

Describe a memorable family vacation.
When I was seven we visited family friends in Hong Kong. The main things I remember are going to a market and seeing a cut-off fish head that was still moving and locusts that were sold to people as food for their pet birds. It was quite humid and the rain was warm. A lot of people wanted to take pictures of me or stroke my hair because it was blond.

Describe a typical dinner with your family.
My mum and dad and I don’t have dinner together as a family all that often- usually it’s only on special occasions like Christmas and stuff.

Do you share a secret with your siblings about something that your parents never found out about?
I’m an only child.

What was your favorite bedtime story?
When I was little there was a book called Dear Zoo that I really loved. It was about someone who kept writing to the zoo and asking if they could take animals home for pets. And they did, but they had to send them back because they were too scary, like the lion, or too big, like the elephant. In the end they just got a puppy and it was perfect.

What’s the worst thing about growing up?
The feeling you get from the number of people who think of you as unimportant or unintelligent and who patronise you because you’re a child or even because you’re just young. I’m 19 and that feeling still hasn’t totally gone away.

Can you describe your room?
When I was a child my room had lilac walls which I didn’t really like. But it also had a cabin bed – which is like a bunk bed but with just the top bunk – which was quite cool.